Saturday, March 20, 2010

Salvador Dali - An icon of the Surrealist movement

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One of the 20th century’s greatest artists, Salvador Dali was a flamboyant and groundbreaking Spanish artist. Inspired by Freud, Salvador Dali accessed his subconscious to create more intense artistic expression. He produced 1,500 paintings, and also sculptures, drawings, films, clothing and jewelry. An icon of the Surrealist movement his blend of eccentric perspectives and controversial influences resulted in wildly imaginative, unforgettable dreamscapes that are uniquely Dali. He described his pictures as `hand-painted dream photographs' and had certain favorite and recurring images, such as the human figure with half-open drawers protruding from it, burning giraffes, and watches bent and flowing as if made from melting wax (The Persistence of Memory, MOMA, New York; 1931).

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